Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Starting up again in 2017


It has been a long time since I have tried to use this blog.  It seems I need to have a place to post my pictures and things so that I can link them to the sites that inspired me.

A lot has happened and many things have caught my interest and led me down many paths.

I hope to create several projects in 2017 and link them to others with like interests.  And I have a massive amount of learning to do in order to "use my blog like a grown up."

March 2017 - 
DrEAMl!   - "for those quilt projects that just reach out and GRAB you, and what do you do? You go on and let 'em because oh! it's SUCH a knock-your-socks-off design, or oh-so-pretty, or you know just the person for whom this quilty project could be, and you have to make it for that person right now."     
seems to be a good place to start.  The concept seems to be that when an idea strikes you fancy, just drop everything and make it.  For me the idea is a prayer shawl for a friend in a lot of physical pain.  Sorry quilters this will be a knitted project.  My friend always says she likes best to see me doing Fair Isle color work patterns so I have pulled cream yarn from a donation box, pulled two greens and a purple from my stash and purchased a variegated purple/green.  Then a visit to gather charts from Drops/Garn Studios free patterns and some experiments with shapes.  Going to try for a rectangle with turquoise spacers where EZ would have had us increase for a Pi Shawl.  Might work, so far I have only frogged the whole thing twice.

BOM - so many options to choose from for BOM quilts now that I am interested 
I am starting with little piggies and happy birds for Rainbow Scrap Challenge but I might also start some houses.
Solstice Challenge - I have been faithfully printing off the patterns and will do my fabric pull this week.  This one had enough instructions to give me confidence as my skills grow and enough challenge to keep me interested.

My Shangri La bed project - I have a new headboard, painted with flowering plants and robins so I definitely need to make a quilt to use on the bed.  I am trying to use what I have been reading about.  And I have a long way to go before I can claim to be accurate on any part of quilt top making.  This one has 16" traditionally pieced blocks from one source (might be a Swoon block), 6" paper pieced corner stone blocks, and 6" x 16" Bonnie Hunter inspired strip pieced sashings.  My DH George says he can sit across the room and hear me saying "I am sure I can make this harder."  

I'll make links and post pictures as soon as I learn how.

Monday, October 8, 2012

I have decided to be a bit more daring this year and have joined two KAL for toys on Ravelry and have also joined the Christmas Ornament Swap sponsored by Natural-Suburbia blog.  She gave me a photo for the "sidebar on my blog" but I don't know how to do that yet, so I'll put a copy here for now.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Delia arrived in West Chester, PA 9/15 on the exact day the Post Office said she would.
“Hello, would you like to get out of that box?”
Adventures of Tisk with the Traveling Dolls  Gus
Delia reached up, and Tisk lay down and they locked arms. Gus held onto Tisk’s legs very tight and pulled, but that didn’t work.
Adventures of Tisk with the Traveling Dolls  Gus
Finally, Gus decided that it might just be best if he pushed the box over on it’s side. Once the tumbling had stopped the girls introduced them selves and Delia showed off the things she had brought with her. Ummmm. .. lovely chocolates. Thank you, Robyn. Everyone decided to have a rest and think up some ideas for adventures overnight.
Adventures of Tisk with the Traveling Dolls  Gus
Tisk the stay at home doll goes on an adventure with Gus the Teddy.
Tisk decided to take advantage of the last dance practice of the season to go to visit Greenbank Mill in Delaware. Gus had been many times before so he acted as guide.
First they sat on the old mill stone displayed outside the door of the mill. It was a beautiful sunny day.
Adventures of Tisk with the Traveling Dolls  Gus
Gus took Tisk to look down into where the mill race water used to be. He expained that the last really big rain storm had broken the damn upstream and the mill has no water right now. The Army Corps of Engineers controls what folks can build or repair on the Red Clay Creek and the Historical Society and they are still negotiating what they are permitted to do these days. Very long meetings and lots of dollars needed. As you can see, Gus can be very long winded but Tisk likes to listen.
Adventures of Tisk with the Traveling Dolls  Gus
Then Gus sent Tisk on a guided tour while he spent some time studying the engineering of the big mill wheel. He remembers when there were turtles in the mill race, and geese and lots of time spent watching the mill wheel turn.
Adventures of Tisk with the Traveling Dolls  Gus
Adventures of Tisk with the Traveling Dolls  Gus
Then they walked over the steel bridge and across the road to visit the Willmington & Western Railroad historic railroad. The conductor was very nice and took Tisk and Gus to have their picture taken by the excursion train that was getting ready to go out. Later we took some pictures of the train as it passed the mill.
Adventures of Tisk with the Traveling Dolls  Gus
Adventures of Tisk with the Traveling Dolls  Gus
Then Tisk and Gus went back inside the mill building to watch the dancers practice. That’s our handsome Mister in the middle there, dancing with the lady in the colorful pants. heheheh they call her Patches! Tisk decided she was not ready to dance just yet but she might like a pair of those pants !!
Adventures of Tisk with the Traveling Dolls  Gus
Later in the evening, we went to the Brandywine Creek State Park where some folks were having a Revolutionary War Reenactment. Our Mister George was going to call a dance for the participants. Tisk got her picture taken with our hostess Lynn King and two of the younger park rangers but the dance didn’t start till sunset and we couldn’t get any pictures. They didn’t have any event T-shirts in Tisk’s size.
Adventures of Tisk with the Traveling Dolls  Gus
It was a lovely day. Tisk is looking forward to taking visitors to other dance events during the year to come.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Working toward a finish

Back again.

With the help of friends the old couch was taken to the curb and the new rug was rolled and loaded into the van. Phone calls were made.

Mirror over the fireplace. Among the things I had packed up when I closed my mother's apartment was a big plate glass mirror. It has rested in it's packing case against the wall in my bedroom since those movers brought it here. Thursday, I called the local mirror and glass place and not only were they able to send out a man to unpack the mirror and make an estimate but when I accepted their price they immediately sent a man to install it. Lucky us. We had agreed that the mirror could be cut down to fit if necessary and that we planned to leave in in the house when we moved out. The mirror is 60 inches wide. The wall above the fireplace is 62 inches wide. It is a lovely fit. We will add a white enamel 6 inch board below the mirror for a bit of extra support and are still "discussing" using a matching piece above.

Friday I delivered the rug to the cleaners.

We designated Sunday as the day Dear Husband would help me get the stair wall painted. Working together that job took an amazingly short time. His extra 4 inches of height made all the difference and no scaffolding was needed. I spent the rest of the day taking down the screen and front doors and getting them taped and sanded. I was able to prime the front door and with the help of my wonderful work light I was able to get a coat of enamel on the outside. A door with 15 windows must have been designed for skills acquisition. All those small parts. The color turns out to be passable but is not at all what I hoped it would be, much more a deep deep coral or perhaps if being negative brick, instead of a clear jewel toned burgundy. Rats. But FINISHED IS A CATEGORY.

Monday, I put away all of the painting gear, and spent a happy glad hour tearing up the last of the blue tape. IF this good weather holds I may get some paint onto the screen door before the end of the week. Any other painting jobs can wait till after the holidays. Sweeping, vacuuming and furniture arrangement will start any minute now.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Clean up day. Take up the tarps, pull up all of the paper and blue tape. Admire the paint job. The old woodwork was either dark brown or cocoa colored. Now it is all shiny white enamel. The walls are this soft changeable yellow green color. The floor still needs a lot of work. No decision on the wall above the fireplace but it is clean and freshly painted and no one knows we are working out a decision as it just looks like a wall. The accent color on the steps looks very nice.

The next executive decision. We will do a second coat of paint. But not this month. There is just not enough energy or mind left. The stair wall is still left to do, but it is all high edges and odd angles and is going to take some planning to do well and a day when Dear Husband is here to work with me.

Furniture pick up day. Once the van seats are out we are off to the shop to make our pick up. And there it was the rug, the Rose Damask Couch and the little Victorian side chair. We also picked up the rocker for our daughter's impending one.

Now the cleaning phase begins. When we selected the rug there was a dining room set arranged on it. The first time we will see the entire thing is when we unroll it in our living room. Vacuum the room. Unroll the rug, not bad, it will need to be professionally cleaned but doesn't have other than real life experience to it. Vacuum the rug, a lot, turn the rug over and vacuum the back side, a lot. Turn the rug right side up and vacuum again. Yup,this will work but I would like to get it cleaned, a cream colored background does show it's long life. Bring in the little Victorian side chair and the rocker. Nice. Now, here it comes, the Rose Damask Couch. Sitting right there in our living room.

None of us are sure of anything right now. So unexpected, so lovely, so different than things were. All I was planning to do was get a coat of paint on the walls to deal with the spots that grew after the hurricane. Now what I have is an entirely new room. The Rose Damask Couch sits there, covered in dust from it's previous home but basically spotless, hump backed, tufted, so different from our previous style. Tomorrow, I promise, tomorrow I'll clean you up and we'll get to know each other.

And today, I did.
She's a tricky one, my friend. She said, let's go and see if we can find a nicer looking, newer couch for you. What she seems to have been seeing inside her head was an entirely new room. How amazing that all of this came to pass just as we were doing all of this painting. My daughter confirms that they did discuss this months ago. We are just plain flabbergasted.

I met her at the shop and we had a good long look around. She had several couches to point out to me. There were some nice pieces there in a range of styles and types. Dear Husband was able to come down and help make the final decision. And we selected The Rose Damask Couch. He headed back to work and she follows up with, "Now let's look for a rug and some side chairs."

?? ??? ??? Yikes. She said couch, singular, one couch. Nope she was planning on a whole room. Haunting the used furniture shops and designing whole rooms is her new hobby. It seems it is now our turn.

And thus the final collection included the Rose Damask Couch and a thick oriental style rug, a rocker for our mother-to-be and a lovely small Victorian side chair. And the discussion of where I was going to draw the line. I'll use or select my own art and we have definite ideas about what kind of chair to look for for Dear Husband. I will also retain the end tables we purchased with wedding present money and the floor lamps I inherited from my Mom. The whole scheme is going to be much more grown up/formal and lighter in color. But we'll have no real idea until we get the things into the house.

It's still amazing. She said couch. We said we'd go look. It felt a little like facing a juggernaut.